Who can open account under SSY?

Looking to invest in Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme for your daughter, then you have reached the right place. If your daughter is 10 years or younger then you can open account under this scheme for her.

A common query we receive from readers is that who can open account for the girl child? Since the girl child will be 10 years or younger, she cannot open the account herself, so who all are authorized to open account under this scheme for her?

This query stems from the fact that quite often grandparents, or uncles and aunts of a girl child are keen on opening account under this scheme for her. But everyone is not permitted to open account under this scheme. So lets have a look at who all can open account under this scheme for a eligible girl child.

As per the Gazette Notification, two people are allowed to open account for a girl child under this scheme:

  1. Natural Guardian of Girl child
  2. Legal Guardian of Girl child

Lets look at the definition of both of these in detail 

Natural Guardian : Legal Mother & Father of the girl child. By legal we mean the name of mother and father should be mentioned in the birth certificate of the girl child. Mother & Father of the girl child are also referred to as her natural guardian.

Legal Guardian: This confuses most investors. We get queries from grandparents, uncles and aunts, asking if they can open a account under this scheme for the girl child. Since there is provision for legal guardian.

The answer is NO. Under the scheme the provision is for legal guardian, which has a specific definition as per law. Legal guardian is appointed by law, and does not include self appointed guardians.

Here’s the definition of Legal Guardian:
“Where neither parent is alive or is incapable of acting, a person entitled under the law for the time being in force to have the care of the property of the minor.”

By this definition for any other person barring the  girl’s child to open a account for her under this scheme, he/she needs to be appointed as her guardian by law.

Does the account opening limit apply to legal guardian as well?

Yes it does. As per the gazette notification for the scheme, natural or legal guardian both are allowed to open maximum of 2 accounts for 2 different girl child only.

In case of 2nd birth being twin girls, or in case of triplets girl in 1st birth itself, the guardians are allowed to open 3 accounts.

Hope this clears up the question of who all can open account under SSY for a girl child.

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