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Ankita Gupta asked 1 year ago

How can I transfer my ssy post office account to the bank and how can I change the name of my daughter in it

1 Answers
James Bond Staff answered 12 months ago

To transfer the account from post office to bank.

  • For this you need to submit a application with the post office explaining your transfer request, and provide details of the bank where you wish to transfer your account. Alongwith this you need to provide Rs 100 as transfer fees. 
  • Post office will then send over the documents to your chosen bank. 
  • Once the documents are received at the bank, you will need to file a new KYC form with the bank, and thats it.  Your account will be transferred. 

To change name of your daughter, you will need to go through the legal route. Name change cannot be effected simply. File requisite documents, provide name change notification in newspaper and once this process is completed, take the proof of the same, and submit with your bank/post office. They will do the needful.