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Vikas Das asked 1 year ago

Sir actually there is a mistake in name printed in passbook as Shweta but correct name of child is sweta. supported   documents submitted at the time of opening of sukanya account, name mentioned in documents is sweta. So how can I rectify the mistake in the name undertaken by post office. I have visited post office to rectify the error in name but they told now it cannot be changed. So plz guide me what to do?

1 Answers
James Bond Staff answered 1 year ago

This is postal department’s mistake that they have entered the name incorrectly inspite of being provided with accurate information. Kindly speak to the headmaster of the post office and explain him your situation. 
If he/she is not willing to help you, you can lodge a complaint on the India Post website here – and track its status. This should help resolve your problem.