QuestionsCategory: sukanyaQuestion regarding recent rules change sukanya samriddhi acc.
Pravin asked 1 year ago

Just Read there are some changes in sukanya samriddhi acc. rules .so few questions regarding that only
1.its been said  we Can withdraw 100% when the child turns 18. –>> so if we withdraw amount then we will get interest until she turns 18 or interest till 21 yrs??? i also read we need to invest till 15 yrs–>> so maturity on 21 or 22 yrs or its same only ??? 

1 Answers
James Bond Staff answered 1 year ago

1. If you wuthdraw 100%, the account will be closed. So no interest will be paid. If no funds are withdrawn interest will be paid upto 21 years. 
2. Investement period has been increased to 15 years but maturity period is 21 years Only.