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Ashwin Koottapanakkal asked 8 months ago

When I asked the question of how the Sukhanya samridhi account opened for my daughter who is a US citizen can be closed, below is the response that I received. ”
Your account opening form might have been accepted due to oversight on part of the postal officials. You can visit the post office, speak to the designated post master and explain your concern. They will assist you in closing the account.”
However when I inquired at the post office, they are ignorant of how to close the account prematurely and are not providing much assistance to do anything on this. How can I get the account closed and is there any place where I can raise the concern more effectively

1 Answers
James Bond Staff answered 7 months ago

Any out of ordinary situation usually caused confusion and lack of response by the concerned staff. 
You can write a application stating your case to the postmaster of the concerned post office. 
If she/he does not help you resolve the case, you can file a online complaint via this link – and escalate it as required.