Eligibility Criteria under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

One of the foremost question parents ask after discovering Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana is whether they can open account for their daughter under this scheme. So today we will be looking in detail at the eligibility criteria for opening account under this scheme.

As per the Gazette Notification for SSY, 3 eligibility criteria have been specified for this scheme. Lets look at these in detail:

Criteria No 1: Gender of Child:

Under this scheme account can only be opened for Girl child.

Criteria No 2: Age of  Child

  1. At time of opening the account age of the girl child should be 10 years or younger. Use the age calculator underneath to check if your daughter is of the right age for opening this account.
  2. When the scheme was launched in 2014, one year’s grace period was added and even girl child who were aged above 10 years, but up to 11 years were allowed to open account under this scheme. This provision is no more applicable.
  3. Age of the girl child will be determined by the date mentioned on her birth certificate.
  4. Last date for a girl child to open account under this scheme will be her 10th birthday.
  5. There is no lower limit for girl child to open account under this scheme. Hence account can be opened for a newborn girl also by her parents, only submission of requisite documents is required.

Criteria No 3: Citizenship of the girl child

  1. Account can only be opened for girl child who hold Indian citizenship.
  2. Account cannot be opened for girl child holding NRI, OCI and other status
  3. In case a girl child’s citizenship status changes to NRI, OCI or others after opening of the account, the guardian should inform the bank/post office of the same immediately. Once informed the account will be closed and balance accumulated in it will be payable to the girl child or her guardian.


Age Calculator

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