Documents related to Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme

Presented below are the different official documents related to the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme.

1. Application form for opening new account under – Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme.

You can download and take a printout of this application, fill it up ans submit at your nearest post office, along with Rs 1000/- to open account under this scheme.

Download the PDF file .

2. Government of India notification regarding the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme

This document contains all the details about the Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme. It has been issued by Ministry of Finance. You can download and keep a copy of this document for your future reference. Also if you ever encounter any confusion over any feature of Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme, you can refer to this document.

Download the PDF file .

3. Sample copy of the Passbook that will be issued on opening account under Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme

When you open a account under Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme, you will be issued a passbook, which will serve as official record book. All your account details will be entered in this. Also whenever you deposit any money in this account, you will be required to carry the passbook along with you, and the receiving authority will enter the deposit details in your passbook for your record keeping. When closing the account, you need to surrender this passbook to the issuing authority.

Download the PDF file .

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  • Alok Bansal

    I have opened the account last year on 6-jul-2015 for my daughter born on 1-jan-2014. as per notification, she is eligible for opening the account because of 1 year grace for the first year. Now my bank (State Bank of Travancore) says she is not eligible as those before 1-apr-2004 not eligible.
    Can you clarify?

  • ashok bansal

    icici bank saying it is compulsory to open child saving account

    • Bipin

      There is no such compulsion. Kindly report the matter to banking ombudsman, they will take action against the bank.