Birth Certificate Alternative

You need birth certificate of the girl child in whose name you want to open an account under SSY. The need for birth certificate is for establishing the Date of Birth (D.O.B) of the girl child. Since this scheme is open for girl’s 10 years or younger only, hence establishing her D.O.B and consequently her age is very important.

For many parents seeking to open account under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana for their daughter, birth certificate has become the biggest impediment. In rural areas birth certificate is still not very prevalent, and no official birth records are maintained. In many cases even in urban areas, parents might not have been able to collect their daughter’s birth certificate.  In rare cases, birth certificate might have been misplaced or may not be easily accessible.

There can be various reasons, but the problem is one and the same, how to open account under SSY if you don’t have a birth certificate for your daughter? Are there any alternative document?

Since government wants to encourage parents to join in this scheme, it has provided a host of documents that can be used as an alternative to birth certificate. You can use any of the below listed document, as D.O.B proof for your daughter, and open account under SSY

  1. Passport off the Girl child
  2. PAN Card of the Girl Child
  3. Aadhaar Card of the Girl Child
  4. Certificate issued by Headmaster of the girl child’s school verifying her date of birth
  5. Certificate issued by the hospital where the girl child was born verifying her date of birth

For cases where the birth certificate has so far not been created, existence of the 1st 3 alternative document is quite unlikely. For creating Passport, PAN card or Aadhaar card you need to provide D.O.B proof.

Hence for such people, getting either of the two certificates is the best bet.

In case of girl child who have started attending school, procuring a certificate from the headmaster of the school is the best option, and should be simple enough.

For girl child who are younger than school age, certificate from the delivering hospital will be easy enough to obtain. Most hospital, do provide a certificate/letter when discharging a new baby. This usually contains details such as D.O.B and parents name of the baby. This certificate is a valid age proof for opening account under Sukanya Samridddhi Yojana.

For cases where the child was not delivered at hospital (home birth) and has not yet started going school either, opening account under SSY scheme is not possible as of now. For such girl child’s account opening can be done only after she starts attending school.

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